Finding New Biking Trails in Michigan


Brooklyn Bike Family here exploring this new state of Michigan once it finally started to get warm out! Wow it is incredible how much better you feel emotionally when the sun finally begins coming out and you start getting all that Vitamin D back into the system! We wonder why we didn’t move to Florida instead! haha

Well work calls, but this blog is not about that, its about family and biking. We went out to Royal Oak last weekend to find new trails but we ended up biking through the beautiful downtown Royal Oak instead and look at all the cool shops, we found several great looking restaurants we want to check out soon and several cool home decor shops as well.

Apparently Royal Oak is a popular spot for young people that graduated College and there is a big partying scene there during the weekends. Me, my wife and the kids had a fantastic time looking at all the stores and local shops nearby, we also came upon a real cool Limousine on the side of the road, which was beautiful. While we were taking photos of this limousine and the kids were peeking inside, unbeknownst to us there was a driver inside!

He rolled down the window, which caused my kids to jolt back in shock and the driver had a big smile on his face and said “Do you like this ride?”

Which immediately put my kids at ease, and the driver was apparently waiting for few client of his as they were in Royal Oak eating at one of the restaurants and he was just waiting for them to finish their dinner. The driver was kind enough to let the kids in the limousine! and me and my wife got to go inside as well to take a sneak peek. It was beautiful! I never knew limousines were so spacious and extravagant inside.

The driver then told us he does family tours around Michigan after hearing that we were new from Brooklyn, such as family farm tours and other resort area in Michigan designed to show the best of Michigan, to experience Pure Michigan first hand. Which seemed like a fantastic way to get to know this state a little bit better, and I showed my great interest to his proposal.

He gave me his business card and to visit the website to see various other vehicles he has in his fleet and to call him by Monday to reserve as all the prom kids were getting everything booked up..

I will definitely making my decision shortly, they have some really cool limos, I especially like some of the vintage limo cars they have such as the 1957 Cadillac Limo.

cadillacblack1952_opt1932cadillacblackI will be making my decisions soon in the meantime if you have interest in booking a limo near Royal Oak, check these guys out. The driver was very nice and the limo we saw was fancy!

Royal Oak Limousine & Party Bus
430 N Kenwood Ave
Royal Oak, MI 48067
(248) 667-7669


Bike Family’s New Posts


We changed over to a new blogging platform and wish to continue from here.

We are known as Brooklyn Bike Family, because we love biking as a family and we were always seen in Brooklyn biking, but now due to personal work reasons, we moved to Michigan so we will continue with the same domain but we will now be in Michigan biking and blogging about personal life.

I hope my readers will continue to read our blog and share the joy of biking with your family.

It is a timeless and precious activity that is healthy and bonding. Biking can also be a big stress dumper as science is coming out that the continuous motion of biking is healthier for joints than running on concrete. And I totally believe this is true after being a marathon runner for 15 years, it took its toll on my knees and ankles. Now a days I enjoy biking much more and totally believe it is healthier choice for me.

And biking with family is our favorite activity as a family… While we do enjoy going out to movies and having a “lazy sunday”, we also love to take the kids out to different trails and bike in new areas.

This is part of the reason why Michigan has been exciting for us especially around Novi and Ann Arbor, we have been here for only 2 months and we already found amazing bike trails with great nature all around us. It is truly a blessing and hope to report more about it to you soon.