Bike Family’s New Posts


We changed over to a new blogging platform and wish to continue from here.

We are known as Brooklyn Bike Family, because we love biking as a family and we were always seen in Brooklyn biking, but now due to personal work reasons, we moved to Michigan so we will continue with the same domain but we will now be in Michigan biking and blogging about personal life.

I hope my readers will continue to read our blog and share the joy of biking with your family.

It is a timeless and precious activity that is healthy and bonding. Biking can also be a big stress dumper as science is coming out that the continuous motion of biking is healthier for joints than running on concrete. And I totally believe this is true after being a marathon runner for 15 years, it took its toll on my knees and ankles. Now a days I enjoy biking much more and totally believe it is healthier choice for me.

And biking with family is our favorite activity as a family… While we do enjoy going out to movies and having a “lazy sunday”, we also love to take the kids out to different trails and bike in new areas.

This is part of the reason why Michigan has been exciting for us especially around Novi and Ann Arbor, we have been here for only 2 months and we already found amazing bike trails with great nature all around us. It is truly a blessing and hope to report more about it to you soon.