Going to local business groups and networking in Michigan!


So in order to network with local business owners in Michigan there’s different chapters one can attend, just to give you an example here is a chapter that one can that lists different groups you can attend http://www.locbusnet.com/chapters.html

Last week I attended one in Novi and met several interesting business owners. Even though I am still an accountant, I still one day want to run my own business and build out my portfolio by running some type of local business.

Well I met one gentlemen who came all the way from Grand Rapids because he was dropped off his daughter off for her soccer practice in Livonia as she plays for one of the best teams in the state.

I was really impressed by the fact that he would drive 2 hours just to her to a practice so that she can play in the best team in Michigan.

Anyway he was a Tree Service Company owner with over 30 years experience.

I didn’t ave much experience with tree companies because Brooklyn where we lived there was hardly any trees, it was just a concrete jungle and most of the trees were already knocked down or small shrub like plantation that didn’t require no chainsaw to take down.

So when this guy started to telling me how long each job takes for every tree removal and the potential dangers I was very intrigued. Apparently Tree Removal ranks as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

And do the guys get paid well? I think they should be paid well, he was not talking about taking down trees that can be taken down by hand, he’s talking about 60 foot trees with base diameter of over 36 inches. I mean these are huge projects that require tremendous work force to take down and the crazy thing is he can’t just it down from the base because a lot of times the branches are stretching in towards the house, so he has to literally cut the whole tree up in sections.


As Brooklyn Bike Family, because we have been biking a lot recently around the neighborhoods and in the trails, we are very well aware of the big trees that’s prevalent in Michigan.

Sometimes he was saying it takes 5 hours to take down 1 tree, and he can charge up to $300 an hour so that’s $1500 project just to take down a tree. Which is quite the expense but when you consider how much work goes into to ensuring that the tree goes down without damaging the property then it does seem justifiable. And these guys are putting their lives on the line with every job they undertake.

Being raised in the city all my life and never having any experience with a chainsaw it seemed like a business venture not really suited for me yet I love the idea of being outside all day long with trees and building relationship with my customers. Instead of being in a dress & tie inside my office all day reading stacks of account balances and calculating numbers all day long.

I guess one day I do want to leave all of that accountant stuff behind but for now I still have to save up enough money to get my daughters through college. However the tree company owner said he also started the business as part time and eventually went in to it full time so maybe you just have to take one step at a time and do it in a transitional phase instead of quitting cold turkey and making drastic changes.

I need to read more books on how to become entrepreneur because one thing I really admired about him was that he was now able to spend more time with his family like taking his daughter to a soccer practice twice a week with 2 hour drive each way.

His Company was called Grand Rapids Tree Removal

-till next time

Getting Warm in Michigan finally!


Summer time is finally on its way in Michigan! That means I get to take out my bikes more and that’s what we love to do at the Brooklyn Bike Family, we ride bikes!

We used to bike all around Brooklyn but because of my job relocation to Michigan, we packed up and now we are biking in Michigan which is a different experience but we are finding lots of fun with it, its definitely a different experience.

No homeless man to bike around.

No local groceries or no riding under train tracks or the many local brick and mortar business where the local owners will give you a hollar.

Yes there are less humans when biking in Michigan. Where the trails take you deep into the forest and back out, it is a different experience all together. Sometimes there are deers on the side of the trails. It’s a welcomed change, the sound of the birds chirping and the breeze rustling across the many deciduous trees in the area that have finally bloomed with beautiful bright green leaves.

It is a welcomed change and it is also a change that leaves a little sore spot in our hearts. The truth is we still quite miss Brooklyn, the bustling streets, the barking neighborhood dogs, the groups of children playing hot scotch on the side of the road, to the neighborhood grocer and bakeries we shopped at each week.

We miss the commotion and the emotion of the streets in Brooklyn. We moved to a much safer neighborhood in Michigan and quality life from outside perspective has definitely gone up since moving here. We now have a two car garage, a beautiful white concrete driveway with a basket ball hoop, 3 stories house with a complete finish basement and a open spacious kitchen which my wife cannot get enough of, and wonderful neighbors that gave us a welcoming party.

Yes indeed this is a nice place although the winter was cold, Michigan is a beautiful place with both commerce, business and still there are remnants of nature all around.

However we will admit that we are a bit homesick as well. I guess like all things in life you have embrace the phase of mourning, and embrace the new, which we are. We have already hit the trails and forests all around our neighborhood that is filled with great trails.

The great news is its finally getting warm in Michigan! And this place is looking better and better each day, as we become accustomed to Michigan there are definitely quite beautiful aspects to this state that is already revealing itself to us. Did I mention the state is filled with beautiful nature, trails and lakes?

Now I am having dreams of owning a boat one day and taking my whole family out on the lake and enjoying a nice relaxing weekend with grill outside.

For those that are thinking of moving to Michigan, coming from a guy that’s lived in Brooklyn for over 25 years, I am starting to really grow into Michigan lifestyle. There are many wonderful perks to this state and one word that can describe it is.


Spring cleaning time and re-arranging the new Home


Hey Brooklyn Bike Family Here,

Spring is around the corner and we are just getting settled in our new home in Michigan, and even though we just moved in, we decided to do Spring Cleaning, so that we start 2015 year off just right and of course most importantly we start off our new chapter of our lives in Michigan off right.

As a reward once we were done cleaning and re-arranging the new home, we decided as a family to go out on that limo we saw the other day, and do a Michigan tour.

This gave us something to look forward to and get excited about, see as a father of two sons and husband to a beautiful woman, my wife, Terressa. Sometimes you have to know how to lead the ship, running a family is like operating a instrument, each component has its unique purpose and you have to know how to operate each one just right, fine tuning and adjustments needed to play the beautiful harmony.

I knew that taking the limo out would create great desire for my family to get to work, so that is exactly what I used on purpose as motivation to get the spring cleaning under way. Now I will get the job done more efficiently and quickly!

I had the kids begin sweeping the floors and taking vinegar solution and start wiping down all the rails, windows, wooden floor, kitchen counter tops, sinks, and just about everything else.

I had my wife begin arranging the kitchen so we can start organizing our groceries neatly and make our kitchen the vital part of any home, as fully efficient and operational as possible.

I was in charge of checking all the plumbing system and gas of the house, as well as arranging all the bicycle in the garage and tools. We brought many tools from New York including various tune ups for our bicycles which is like my treasure box.

Now 4 hours later, we were making excellent headway but there was one area which we were struggling was and that was the carpet. We tried vacuuming and everything else, but we couldn’t quite get out some of the stains and low hue color of the carpet. My wife was wanting to replace a lot of the carpet which would be quite costly.

I was contemplating what to do, when I remembered that a week ago, during the local business networking event I met a gentleman from Sterling Heights who owned a Carpet Cleaning business and he was showing the group all the before and after picture of his carpet cleaning service and I remember I was blown away how different the carpet looked afterwards.


Me and him talked briefly after the class as he was also passionate about cycling and he showed me various trails around Michigan that were his favorites. We exchanged business cards, and so I decided to give him a call, even though our house might have been out of the way for him, he was happy to come take a look at our new home and the carpet to see if he can be of any assistance. He was very kind to do that, and so he showed up an hour later with his work truck and equipment, took few looks at the stains we had, and told us he would get out for very reasonable rate which was discounted quite a lot because he was just a nice guy and he knew me from the networking group.

I have to tell ya, I have not done professional carpet cleaning ever in my life, because I always thought vacuum would suffice but this guy came in with his big powerful industrial equipment and really made a difference. My wife was ecstatic and I was to because I could now save a lot of money from replacing carpets.

So when you need carpet cleaning near Sterling Heights, call my friend, Larry the Carpet Cleaner He will do amazing job for you.


Finding New Biking Trails in Michigan


Brooklyn Bike Family here exploring this new state of Michigan once it finally started to get warm out! Wow it is incredible how much better you feel emotionally when the sun finally begins coming out and you start getting all that Vitamin D back into the system! We wonder why we didn’t move to Florida instead! haha

Well work calls, but this blog is not about that, its about family and biking. We went out to Royal Oak last weekend to find new trails but we ended up biking through the beautiful downtown Royal Oak instead and look at all the cool shops, we found several great looking restaurants we want to check out soon and several cool home decor shops as well.

Apparently Royal Oak is a popular spot for young people that graduated College and there is a big partying scene there during the weekends. Me, my wife and the kids had a fantastic time looking at all the stores and local shops nearby, we also came upon a real cool Limousine on the side of the road, which was beautiful. While we were taking photos of this limousine and the kids were peeking inside, unbeknownst to us there was a driver inside!

He rolled down the window, which caused my kids to jolt back in shock and the driver had a big smile on his face and said “Do you like this ride?”

Which immediately put my kids at ease, and the driver was apparently waiting for few client of his as they were in Royal Oak eating at one of the restaurants and he was just waiting for them to finish their dinner. The driver was kind enough to let the kids in the limousine! and me and my wife got to go inside as well to take a sneak peek. It was beautiful! I never knew limousines were so spacious and extravagant inside.

The driver then told us he does family tours around Michigan after hearing that we were new from Brooklyn, such as family farm tours and other resort area in Michigan designed to show the best of Michigan, to experience Pure Michigan first hand. Which seemed like a fantastic way to get to know this state a little bit better, and I showed my great interest to his proposal.

He gave me his business card and to visit the website to see various other vehicles he has in his fleet and to call him by Monday to reserve as all the prom kids were getting everything booked up..

I will definitely making my decision shortly, they have some really cool limos, I especially like some of the vintage limo cars they have such as the 1957 Cadillac Limo.

cadillacblack1952_opt1932cadillacblackI will be making my decisions soon in the meantime if you have interest in booking a limo near Royal Oak, check these guys out. The driver was very nice and the limo we saw was fancy!

Royal Oak Limousine & Party Bus
430 N Kenwood Ave
Royal Oak, MI 48067
(248) 667-7669


Bike Family’s New Posts


We changed over to a new blogging platform and wish to continue from here.

We are known as Brooklyn Bike Family, because we love biking as a family and we were always seen in Brooklyn biking, but now due to personal work reasons, we moved to Michigan so we will continue with the same domain but we will now be in Michigan biking and blogging about personal life.

I hope my readers will continue to read our blog and share the joy of biking with your family.

It is a timeless and precious activity that is healthy and bonding. Biking can also be a big stress dumper as science is coming out that the continuous motion of biking is healthier for joints than running on concrete. And I totally believe this is true after being a marathon runner for 15 years, it took its toll on my knees and ankles. Now a days I enjoy biking much more and totally believe it is healthier choice for me.

And biking with family is our favorite activity as a family… While we do enjoy going out to movies and having a “lazy sunday”, we also love to take the kids out to different trails and bike in new areas.

This is part of the reason why Michigan has been exciting for us especially around Novi and Ann Arbor, we have been here for only 2 months and we already found amazing bike trails with great nature all around us. It is truly a blessing and hope to report more about it to you soon.